Civil construction, namely construction of turnkey housing, industrial constructions and expansions, public works and we also deal with the licensing of works.


Dismantling and manual demolitions
We do works of manual or semi-mechanical demolitions, essentially no structural elements, such as inner walls, slabs, ceilings, roofs, etc .. These guides also allow disconnecting demolition structures to be demolished structures to maintain.

Mechanical demolitions of buildings and structures
The work of complete or partial demolition of buildings and industrial structures, in reinforced concrete, masonry of brick or stone, wood, metal structures or mixed, are carried out essentially by hydraulic rotators and backhoe.


Movements of lands to obtain quotas in the construction of roads, streets and buildings.
The main works we perform are:

  • Earthworks
  • Landfills


Licensing Projects
We execute and coordinate the whole project of the construction or remodeling of your property, in case it is necessary its licensing in the respective city council and other entities, that includes the Architecture and to the several Specialties, and that is based on a solid interconnection between all the responsible technicians

Construction Projects
Although some works do not require a licensing project in the respective town hall, a project to support the work, composed of some drawn and written pieces, must be executed in order to support the budgeting process, in order to better plan the project. implementation and avoid major budgetary slippages.